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Your App Is You
Through and Through

Customise your own app to match your style
then upload all of your music, photos, videos,
bio, shows and even hook your Facebook &
Twitter right into your app… it’s all too easy.









Manage on the Move

Backstage at a show? New track in the studio?

Capture the moment and share it with your fans
in real time. Write a status, upload photos, create
events and more, right from your mobile device.

Just download Muzivo from the App Store.

Go Mobile

Mobile is the future.
With Muzivo, you can
connect with followers
wherever you, or they
may be.

Easy App Builder

Does code look like
Mumbo Jumbo to you?
Our app builder keeps
everything simple and
is skill free to use.

Your Design

It’s important to stand
out from the crowd. Use
Muzivo to customise the
look and feel of your
own mobile app.

Get Discovered

What was the name of
that really good band last
night? Let fans discover
you there and then with a
mobile app.

Introducing A Powerful
New Social Network
For Music

Music Lover? Download Muzivo to discover
new music apps, save your favourites,
browse your personalised news and events feeds,
stream music, create playlists and more…

In Proud Partnership with Youth Music

The UK’s largest music charity, supporting life-changing music-making

Every year, Youth Music provide more than 90,000 young
people with the opportunity to make music, helping them to
overcome the challenges they face in their lives.

Their music projects support young people to develop their
creative and social skills, make positive contributions to their
community and improve their wellbeing.

Learn More

Give a Gig for Youth Music with a fundraising live music event.