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How easy is it to create an app?

It's dead easy; simplicity is everything to us. You don’t even need to know how to say the word code to build a Muzivo app.

If there is anything you can’t figure out, or if you're looking for some cool tips and tricks, you’ll find some handy videos associated with the page you're currently viewing on the right hand side of the app builder to help you through the process [coming soon].

I've created my app, what do I do now?

When you're happy with your app, you'll need to set it Live for the world to see.

To do this, simply click on 'App Settings' in the App Builder and set the 'Publish App' switch to Live.

You can share your app directly with your friends and followers using the share icon on the top left of your app in Muzivo.

Where do I find my app?

When you've set your app live, you become part of the Muzivo social music network. To find your app, simply download Muzivo from the App Store and then search for your app. You might even be able to find your app in the 'New Apps' feed at the top of the Apps page.

Is this just a mobile web app?

Not at all. Muzivo apps are accessed using the Muzivo social network, there’s not a browser in sight and as a result, our apps are much more responsive.

We provide you with lots of native-app functionality that you simply wouldn't be able to get from using a web based mobile app.

What devices can it be used on?

Muzivo has just launched, and we're using iPhone as a Beta platform. We’ll see just how your using the service, what you’re using and also what your followers are up to. We’ll tweak the service a couple more times until it's flawless and then we’ll roll out the Android and tablet version of Muzivo soon after.

Any apps you've built will be instantly available on all devices, inclusive with whichever subscription you're running: Free or Premium.

I use Muzivo Premium, why can I still see ads when using Muzivo?

Think of Muzivo in two parts: one space for you to build an app, and the other is a social network that you can use to view, interact with and share these apps.

If you have upgraded your app-builder subscription with us to Premium, we guarantee the app you've created will not display any ads, on anyone's device.

However, if you are not yet running the paid version of Muzivo (Muzivo+) from the App Store, then you will still see ads whilst browsing the Muzivo feeds, using playlists, or any other feature offered in the Muzivo app because this is personal to you.

It's easy to upgrade your app, simply tap on the M+ button in the Backstage area of Muzivo - £1.49p and the ads will be gone for good!

I'm running the paid version of Muzivo (M+) from the App Store, why can I sometimes still see ads?

If you have upgraded the Muzivo app via an in-app purchase and are now running the paid version of Muzivo (M+), you will notice that your feeds, playlists and other features no longer display ads.

However, if you launch an app whereby the artist, band or business is not yet using a Muzivo Premium subscription to build their app, then their app will still display ads.

Why do we do this? The answer's simple. We at Muzivo want everybody to be able to have their own app and that's why we've made it free for everyone to use, but like most free services, this carries with it the placement of advertising.

For the more professional or courteous artists, we offer Muzivo Premium, which for a very affordable subscription will remove ads entirely for an enhanced fan experience.

It can be frustrating, but if it’s bugging you, why not try asking them to upgrade their app and remove the ads to make your experience that much better?!

Do I just get an app?

Oh, come on! You must know us better than that by now…

As well as an app, you’ll also get your own online profile page so that you can be still discovered, and your followers can stay connected even when they’re not using a mobile device.

Who is Muzivo for?

Why should we be the ones to decide? If you fancy having your own app, go ahead and build it, it’s free and we’d love to have you.

With all of the features we have available, Muzivo is great for Bands, Singers, DJs, Promoters, Labels, Venues, Events, Clubs, Songwriters, Studios and Producers.

Muzivo enables you to upload so much content, share it easily, and our social network puts so much more power behind your app, that's why we believe it's great for everyone - especially if you're in the music or entertainment business.

Why wait to be discovered?

Some features I want are missing, what can I do?

Muzivo is young, but we’re working hard to introduce as many features as possible, as quickly as possible.

We've got so much up our sleeve right now and it won’t be long before you'll be able to do everything you could possibly dream of with your app… well, maybe not everything you could dream of, but rest assured it'll be pretty close.

We’d love to hear what features you'd like to see so that we can jump them up the priority list. Is it a design option? An additional feature? Maybe a view type, or something else entirely…?

Simply click on the 'Ask us a question' button at the top of this page and let us know!

Streaming Credits. What are they and how do they work?

Here at Muzivo we love music, and we recognise that musicians need to make money in order to continue being awesome. To support them we ask for a small, non-committal, pay-as-you-go fee in exchange for 'Streaming Credits' that can then be used to stream Premium Content on Muzivo.

You can keep track of your Streaming Credit balance using 'Backstage'.

What defines Premium Content?

Any song by an artist registered with the Performing Rights Society (the agency responsible for collecting and distributing royalties).

It's easy to tell the difference between Premium and non-Premium songs; just look out for these little circles displayed on the right hand side of each track.

Premium = Premium Music

Free = Rising Music (Free)

So, what's the value of one credit?

This one's easy...

One credit is used each time you play a Premium song.

Subscription? What Subscription?

There’s no tie-in subscription and your Credits don’t expire so they can last as long as you like. The money goes directly towards PRS and helps to pay the artists you love to listen to, so don't be shy.

Don't forget, you'll always have 5 FREE PLAYS of Premium music available every day before you begin tapping into any Credits that you've bought; and if you're running Muzivo+ you'll be receiving a total of 10 FREE PLAYS of Premium music gifted every day.

Don't get us wrong, it's still as easy as ever to discover new and emerging talent. You can listen to as much rising talent (from non-PRS registered artists) as you like without dipping into your Streaming Credits; just look our for that little grey circle.